14 December 2005
CRRCSIM-F3F is now integrated into the original CRRCSIM.
  All information are now on the home page at: http://crrcsim.berlios.de/wiki

Please, go the the new home page of crrcsim, the following information is obsolete



Concours Cyber F3F aux Pelicans. Le Compte rendu sur www.rc-aero.net.
Notice Interface Audio par Joel Lienard.
04/01/03 Il y a maintenant une liste de discussion dediée a crrcsim-f3f. Pour vous inscrire: crrcsim-f3f sur yahoogroups.
13/12/02 Le premier concours de "Cyber F3F" a eu lieu: voici le compte-rendu sur planet_soaring.

CRRCSIM-f3f is a special version of the CRRCSIM simulator dedicated to F3F simulation. CRRCSIM is a very realistic RC flight simulator developed by Jan Kansky and Mark Drela. The F3F is a sailplane category where the glider must be as quickly as possible during one 1 km, 10 laps spaced by 100 meters.

CRRCSIM-f3f set two red pylons on the left and the right of the slope. The glider starts from low altitude (hand launch simulation) and the pilot has a maximum of 30 seconds to quickly gain altitude. To start the run, it must cross Base A (or B)on the left (or right). Each time the glider cross the bases, a beep sounds to indicate that the lap is good. The run stop after 10 laps. At every turns, the number of bases, current time, and penalty points are displayed. You will find some screenshots here.

You will find below basic informations to start with the F3F simulator.

To install crrcsim-f3f you must first install the crrcsim simulator. Follow carefully the installation instructions. To help for the connection of the transmitter to the audio port, see the interface audio documentation (in French)  

Then, unzip crrcsim-f3f.zip in the same directory, and launch crrcsim-f3f.exe. More details can be found in instructions-f3f.txt.

Downloads Comments
crrcsim-f3f-1_4_5 Version done by J.Lienard with menu addition.
crrcsim-f3f-1_4_2 Version 1.4.2 (26 January 2003)
crrcsim-f3f-1_4_2-src Sources of the version 1.4.2
Version 1.4 (15 December 2002)
Version 1.3.1
Version 1.3
Sources of the version 1.3
crrcsim-f3f Version 1.2
crrcsim-f3f Version 1.1
crrcsim-f3f-src Sources of the version 1.1
exemodifJoy4.zip The original CRRCSIM patched to support Joystick 4 axes with rudder
port95nt.exe You will need this also to install CRRCSIM on windows.

Useful links about CRRCSIM:
* The forum group: YahooGroups
* Informations about Dynamic Soaring and CRRCSIM, and how to set up a transmitter to use it: www.dynamic-soaring.co.uk
* How to connect your RC transmitter through the Audio port: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/crrcsim/files/audio-interface/